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Adventures Of Picklerick - I went for a wander

Picklerick's blog:

I've been on an Adventure. As you know, I'm responsible for patrolling my garden to make sure nothing untoward is happening. Well, I was doing that and my whiskers told me that there was an unusual gap in my fence. It was definitely wide enough for my whiskers, so I knew it was wide enough for me. I thought I'd better investigate. Anything could have been out there. So off I went.

There was so much for me to explore. So many new smells and new things brushing against my fur. I didn't find anything dangerous, so I kept on with my adventure.

Then my tummy started to rumble. It must be teatime, better head home. But ... oops! Which way was home? I wasn't completely sure. My nose was a bit confused with all the new things. So I started wandering around a bit to see if I could work it out.

After a while, I heard something. I heard voices calling my name and some rustling like my treat bag. I heard Piglet miaowing and mum's voice and some of my aunties and one of my uncles. I think it was their bedtime so I bet they looked really funny!

All of a sudden, Mum was there. She scooped me into a big hug and that was good. But then she started carrying me. MUUUUM! You know I hate being carried. So I struggled a lot. Then one of my aunties came running up the hill. Before I knew it, I was in a box. Carried again. Damn.

One of my aunties carried me home but it didn't smell quite right, so I had to do a big wee on the floor to change that. I was very hungry, so mum gave me lots of food. Of course, I needed more exercise after that, so I chased Piglet up the stairs and in and out of mum's bedroom. He started it.

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