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Cat Watch Rescue Vision

Image by Raoul Droog

Caring owners and healthy cats 


Elimination of animal abuse or neglect throughout our area Amesbury in Wiltshire and South Hants.

Our vision is for the lives of cats and kittens in our charity’s mission area to be significantly improved. We will achieve this by encouraging the proper care of our feline friends and by reducing the number of homeless cats in the Salisbury area wherever possible.

Our vision includes healthy and happy cats located with kind, educated, and considerate owners. Our website aims to further educate existing owners about their own responsibilities, cat behavior and the stresses faced by cats so improving their health and living standards even further.  We expect that this will also help to reduce the pressure on cat shelters in our area.

Informing owners about the essential full vetting of cats, including necessary spaying and neutering aims to help maintain future ideal levels of the feline population as part of that vision.  All cats rehomed from our shelter will receive this level of care.

Our goal is to strive for lower levels or preferably elimination of animal abuse or neglect throughout our area. By rehoming animals in need with empathetic owners and providing them with the information needed to ensure appropriate behaviors.

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