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About Us

About Cat Watch Rescue Shelter

The Cat Watch Rescue Shelter Story

In August 2019 Cat Watch Rescue Shelter (CWRS) was founded by Marnie Buckland and has to date rescued, re-homed or reunited over 1500 cats and kittens. 


Every cat at CWRS is a sentient being with a personality, feelings, intrinsic worth and value and will be treated with care and respect in a non-judgmental and safe environment. All cats deserve to be pain-free. Our mission is to rescue cats who have been abandoned, are stray or feral and through our network of volunteers and fosterers provide a safe environment and offer the opportunity for rehabilitation if necessary. Including veterinary care where required and every cat will receive vaccinations, neutering and microchipping prior to rehoming.


Each cat is treated as an individual and we will assess their emotional and physical needs. If that requires an alternative lifestyle we will endeavour to address this also. Cats unsuitable for re-homing will undergo ‘T N R’ – trap, neuter, release.


CWRS is available all year round and is 100% focused on the well being of our feline friends.  Wherever possible we will never turn a cat in need away, we will firstly establish their homeless status and if we cannot help at that time we will advise and signpost to an appropriate organisation. 


We will always do whatever it takes to ensure they receive the correct lifestyle to make them happy and that is what every cat deserves.

CWRS are now an iCatCare Cat Friendly Homing Centre

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