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An Adopters Experience

Caressing a Cat

 Rabbit Finding her Furrever Home

Rhian French adopted Rabbit from Cat Watch Rescue Shelter in November 2020. Rabbit joined a family of four, Asti, a rescue cat who arrived in 2019, two actual rabbits and a tank of fire-bellied newts! Here Rhian describes her experience of adopting a cat from the rescue shelter.

Adopting a Cat from Cat Watch Rescue Shelter


Cat Watch Rescue Shelter was recommended to us by a friend who knew we wanted to welcome another rescue cat into our family. After checking out the charity’s Facebook page, it was evident Marnie and her team of volunteers are truly dedicated to finding the right family for the cats in their care and we knew we had found the right shelter.


From our initial enquiry to bringing our cat (called Rabbit) home, the whole process was completely professional and totally cat-centric.​


What to Expect when Adopting from Cat Watch Rescue Shelter


They say that cats choose us, we don't own them. The rescue cats in the care of Cat Watch Rescue Shelter get a helping hand in making their decision, with Marnie and the volunteers careful to match their needs to the right human family.


The adoption process is very thorough, which we found very reassuring and gave us confidence that any cat we adopted would be the right one for our family. The amount of information required may surprise some people but if you are serious about welcoming a rescue cat into your home, you should be prepared to prove that you can provide the love and care it needs. You will need to complete a comprehensive application form and organise a home visit.


The adoption fee is not cheap but covers worming, full health check, chipping and neutering and reflects the time, care and love that Cat Watch Rescue Shelter has already given your new cat. The rescue cats have had a rough start in life, they deserve a committed adopter who understands the costs and time it takes to look after them. In return, your cat will provide you with hours of fun, companionship and love. We think it was one of the best investments we ever made! 


Visiting the Cat Rescue Shelter in Amesbury


We originally enquired about rehoming a cat that we saw on the Facebook page. Having completed the application process, Marnie contacted us to say she had a better fit for our family and, once we passed the application process, invited us to meet Rabbit at the rescue shelter in Amesbury.


Although all the cats we met were gorgeous, we fell in love with Rabbit immediately. Marnie must have a sixth sense when it comes to matching humans and cats!  During the visit, we were able to get to know Rabbit by playing with her and generally making a big fuss of her. I was particularly struck by how well socialised the cats were, they clearly felt secure and loved. We even had a little cuddle with PickleRick, Cat Watch Rescue Shelter's resident celebrity!


Bringing your Furrever Cat Home


Marnie was understandably sad to say goodbye to Rabbit as she had cared for her since she was a kitten. Rabbit had been checked and treated by a vet and we were given her medical record card as well as all the details about her microchip so we could register as her new owners. We took a cat carrier which Marnie put a blanket in so she had familiar smells around her for her first few days.


Rabbit was really vocal on the car drive home, chatting away to us and purring. Once we arrived, we let her explore my daughter’s bedroom and honestly, it was as if she had always been with us! That night she cuddled up on the bed (after demanding lots of cuddles) and that was the start of her new life. She is an absolute joy and we  love her to bits.


Rabbit is a gentle soul who has shown no aggression at all, and although our other rescue cat, Asti was a little unsure at first, they are slowly building a relationship. At the beginning we had a few squabbles but nothing more serious than sister’s annoying each other and now we are seeing more nose boops and even some grooming. Rabbit is still a little too interested in Asti’s food for Asti’s comfort but that’s the younger sibling for you!


A couple of points. I strongly recommend you opt for the slightly more expensive microchipping registration – it’s a very small price to pay as, should the worst happen and your pet goes missing, all you need to do it call the helpline and a local alert will be sent to recovery centres and veterinary surgeries in your area. Likewise, I cannot emphasise how important it is to insure your cat for the peace of mind knowing that their healthcare is covered. 


Cat Watch Rescue Shelter Follow Up Advice


Marnie is giving us plenty of follow up advice and has a genuine desire to help us establish a great relationship with Rabbit. We keep her updated on Rabbit’s progress – from her first meeting with our other rescue cat, Asti to her first morning exploring outside. Nothing has been too much trouble and no question too daft to answer!


Marnie has been particularly helpful reassuring us about introducing Rabbit to Asti, and has checked in several times to see how we are getting on. The fact she still cares so much about Rabbit is the biggest indication of how special it is to be part of the Cat Watch Wilts cat rescue community. I cannot recommend them enough for anyone who is serious about giving a rescue cat a home.

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