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Adoption Process

Image by Pacto Visual

Our top priority at Cat Watch Rescue Shelter are all the cats and kittens in our care, and finding the most suitable home for each individual one so they can start to live their best lives. Our rescue cats are our cats forever and we are very particular about who we let adopt them forever.

Please take a read of the below before applying. We want you to be certain you are ready to adopt.

A cat can live for up to 20 years. Can you commit to a cat for life? No cat deserves to be abandoned by its family.

Can you provide a safe, clean and loving environment?

Will you vaccinate, flea and worm treat, provide veterinary care when required, decent food, cat litter, toys, scratching posts, places to sleep?

Do you live away from busy roads? Do you have a catio or a pet fenced garden? Safety is a big priority to us.

Can you keep a kitten inside until 10 months of age? Can you keep an adult cat inside for at least 1 month?

Can you provide a safe outside space? We only home indoor cats if it is in the cats best interest, e.g. disability, FIV. All cats require outside access in a safe area, this can be a Catio or a pet fenced garden.

Do you have time to help a cat settle in? Rescue cats have all been through some kind of trauma and need time and patience to make them feel safe.


 If you answered yes to the questions asked we would love to hear from you. By choosing to adopt you are giving a rescue cat another chance at being part of a family and all of us at Cat Watch thank you.



We do home with families with children but we are selective. All applications will be assessed on a  case by case basis.

We do not hold a waiting list for kittens.

Adoption Process as follows:

1. Complete the application form. Please find HERE! (Please note we do not hold a waiting list for kittens).

2. Spare half an hour to schedule in a video home check call with one of our volunteers.

3. Sign a contract stating you will love and care for your kitty.

4. Sign to agree if things don't work out you will not rehome but will return them to Cat Watch Rescue Shelter.

5. Sign to agree you will take kitty back to vet for second vaccination, (paid for) & neutering (if applicable).

4. Donate £250 EACH adoption donation. (This includes a pack that covers neutering, chipping and vaccinations) ((already wormed and pest treated)) (((4 weeks free pet insurance)))

5. Sign a gift aid form if applicable.

6. Answer a few questions.

If you have any questions please take a look at FAQ page where you may find the answer, or contact us.

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