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Cat Watch Volunteers

Cute Cat

Cat Watch Rescue Shelter is run entirely by volunteers. Every penny donated and fundraised is spent on looking after all the cats and kittens in our care.


We are always looking for volunteers to join the Cat Watch family and there are lots of areas you can help. Take a read of the below and contact us if you would like to get involved. 

Volunteering at Cat Watch Rescue Shelter 


As a non-profit charity we rely heavily on our group of volunteers and appreciate all contributions.  We want all our helpers to feel part of the Cat Watch family.  Volunteering will not only give you a chance to make a difference to the feline population it will also give you a chance to learn new skills, gain confidence and help you feel part of something outside of your friends and family. Whatever you can help with at Cat Watch will make a massive difference and we are extremely grateful.  


What do we need help with


At Cat Watch Rescue Shelter there is so much going on in the background and there are a range of tasks we always need help with, which can include: 

  • Cleaning of the main Cat Watch Rescue shelters and associated areas (foster room/storage shed/office).

  • Cat/ kitten socialising – time spent with the rescues can really make a difference.  

  • Collection of food donation box (Tesco), or from other donators. 

  • Chip Scanning at various locations, often at very short notice (volunteers who have agreed to chip scan will be provided with a scanning device).

  • Vet drop off and pick ups.

  • Surrender collections.

  • Cat/ kitten drop off/ pick up at other Cat Watch foster locations.

  • Trapping of stray/feral cats/kittens.

  • Assist with events such as car boot, table-top sales and fetes.  

  • Fostering a cat/ kitten.

We are a very busy shelter and hugely appreciate and value all our volunteers. We couldn't continue without them and we feel lucky to have this amazing Cat Watch family who's sole purpose is to help cats. 

How to get involved

If you would like to join us and help cats and kittens in need please get in touch by submitting a volunteer application (link here) and we will contact you.

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