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HUG PET FOOD - The best food for your pet, naturally.

Please use our discount voucher below to try your cat on the most natural diet we can find... No more runny tummies..... Less dental issues..... Delivered straight to your door!

Think your pet deserves food that loves them back? Us too.

That’s why we created the only cookable range of raw pet food. Bone free and made from natural, human-grade ingredients, it’s vet approved and led by science. Served raw or heated in minutes, it enables every  cat to enjoy the benefits of a whole food diet. 

We’re not about ‘one size fits all’

Raw, cooked, or cold pressed, each one of our recipes is complete, wheat free, maize free, and meets the same high standards of quality and ethical responsibility. Each one properly supports pets’ individual needs, so they’re healthier and happier. Simple as that.

We love to chat cat, please call 01380 710533 if you need help choosing or prefer to natter.


Honest | Uncompromised | Goodness

Hug Pet Food image
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