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Jaffa's Health Centre for Cats

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Since opening our doors in 2013 Jaffa’s have become firmly established as a place to bring your cats for a different quality care in what we believe to be the most cat-friendly environment.

Cat friendly

We believe that treating cats in the same airspace, smell-space or noise-space as dogs is basically inappropriate - it happens because that's how its always been. Jaffa’s offers an alternative.

Expertise: at all levels

Our expertise and knowledge is not just about complicated cases – it starts at the ground level with everyday conditions, finding different solutions to everyday problems.

Vets with a difference

We have our own unique ways of doing things, centred on the needs of you and your cat. Our years of experience show that the ‘usual way’ things are done can often be improved upon.

CLICK HERE to learn more about Jaffa's 'the cat only' Vets.

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