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Adventures Of Picklerick - camouflage stripes and scaffold building,

This week, two big things have happened. Uncle Shane came over and he got two noisy machines and went all round my garden. Of course, I needed to make sure he wasn't up to mischief, so I stuck close by his side. He told Mum he would make stripes in my grass. I don't know why. Is it to camouflage a tiger? Anyway, I can't see if he did or not but my nose and whiskers tell me that my grass has some new lines in it. Plus, it's gone all short.

Then there were some more noises. I didn't like them at first. They were coming from up high over my fence. I hit the deck just in case. I soon realised that nothing bad was going to happen and then I sat near the fence with my face lifted up and waited for someone to tell me what was going on. I heard my auntie say scaffolding next door. I don't know what that is but I bet that Dasher will find out.

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