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Adventures Of Picklerick - busy whiskers week

This week my whiskers and ears were very busy. There was something going on in my garden! I heard my auntie Jackie, auntie Debs and Uncle Richard talking and moving things about. I realised that they had a very big box. Of course, I 'helped' them to move it.

I heard them say 'shelves' and I think Auntie Jackie did all the work and Auntie Debs and Uncle Richard stood about not doing much unless she told them to.

They put some things across the door of my office so I did a wee on them. Just a little one so that everyone knew it was my office and my shelves.

The best bit was when my whiskers found a rustly thing. I like those because my ears and whiskers help me play. I threw it about and jumped on it and Auntie Debs played with me for a while. About time she did something useful.

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