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Adventures of Picklerick - escape plans and bum nips

Well hello human friends, I have had such a busy week. Mummy said she had my brother, Dashers, Tractive Collar on when i did my attempt. I confirmed doing 100 miles with help from the volunteers snd the bengal kittens, they were real fast.

Let me know if you sponsored me please?…

I was helping mummy to take the blankets up to the shelters on Wednesday, the smell was overwhelming for me, mum said that each of the 6 shelters has a queen with kittens except one that has a queen fit to burst. My oh my they are stinky…. My siblings don’t seem to realise but I do….

I have been trying hard this week to follow my brothers, Dasher & Pigwit, there is a fence around the garden and they get to the top of the fence and poof, disappear, how?????? I get to the top of the fence and theres another fence blocking going further, its driving me quite mad. I got so cross when Dasher did it the other day that when he came back in to the garden I cased him and nipped him on the bottom hehe.

If you think of anything you would like me to talk about or if you would like to hear my opinions on things please do ask the questions. I tell mum all about my week and she uses a hard thing with buttons on to tell you!

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