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The Heart Of Cat Watch

This week is Small Charities Week.

We are a small charity, we run on volunteers and fosterers. They are the heart and soul of Cat Watch and we couldn’t exist without them.

So why do they do it?

Let them tell you themselves….

“Because Catwatch is my happy place. I gain far more than I give. I'm inspired by the team's extraordinary dedication and ability to go above and beyond - and although it's hard sometimes, every little life we help makes it so, so worth it.”

“To give back but also I was told free cat cuddles with every feed Catwatch did not disappoint”

“To give back and also to fix my broken heart after losing my boy who was also a rescue. It's working! I love my time with the cats and their dedicated humans!”

“Cats are very important to me, and i want to bring happiness to them the way they do for me”

“Because cats are good for the soul. Shelter time is the highlight of my week 😻”

“It is great being a cat Foster hooman . They all come to us with different stories. We do not care about there pass. Hopefully rebuild there trust in hoomans and find them a new forever home.

It a sad to see them go but great to see theyre getting a forever home”

Do you have a few hours to spare?

Or could you open your heart to a foster?

Please fill out the below 🙏🏼

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