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Scruffy Rascal Needs You!!!

Scruffy came to us on 19th November 2020....

Super Scruffy xx

We assessed her to be around 3 weeks old at that time. She was hand fed and kept me awake many nights crying for her mum and for food, she seemed to thrive but she has taken a turn for the worse. Its so frustrating not being able to do more and so heart-breaking seeing her struggle. I would like nothing more than to fix this little lady and I will try anything and everything to make this happen.

Poorly Scruffy x

Please please help if you can... even just £1 will help. Thank you xx

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1 Comment

I’m in lockdown now would she benefit from being in foster for a few months ? 24hr care? If I can help let me know . I have sent a donation too xx

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