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Savannah Kitten Rescue

So here we are... the wonderful warriors we fought so hard for enjoying their moments of wonder and intrigue.

It has been an honour to look after these precious furries, it's been a real rollercoaster. I've laughed, I've cried, I've sobbed with exhaustion.

But its all worth every tear, every sleepless night just to sit here watching these tiny terrorists play and enjoy life. It really is a joy to behold.

Each little kitty that leaves Cat Watch, hopefully in a better way than we found them, takes away a piece of my heart. And these guys are going to shred my soul. I shall miss EVERY last one of them. I know their personalities now, I can tell you by a meow or a flash as they fly by exactly who they are, what they like and how much I adore them.

Dasher, centre of attention, cuddly and pushes hard for a fuss.

Dancer, still smaller than the other boys but with a huge heart and loves to play.

Vixen, such a tiny sweet girl. Cuddly and playful so full of fun.

Comet, oh Comet, the silver lady with the wonderful voice, she can jump nearly to the ceiling it seems and she purrs so well. Playful Comet.

Cupid, has a purr that sounds like a race car. Likes to climb up your leg for food and your back for cuddles.

Donner, big beautiful boy. So shy to start with and so playful and sweet now.

Blitzen, soooooo tiny, pure gold this one, playful yet timid, brave yet shy and, of course, Rudolph, the biggest boy at the moment. With a huge heart and personality. So full of wonder and sweet. Started scared to death but now loves a fuss.

I will never experience anything like this again I don't imagine. At times it nearly broke me but they are worth it all!!!

Thank you all for your ongoing support both financial and moral.


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1 Comment

Kaz  Watts
Kaz Watts
Jan 23, 2022

I wish them all the love and luck they deserve. Our kitten, now fully fledged little madam, has brought us so much joy!

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