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More proof chips work!!!

What an amazing morning for CWWR. We got handed this beautiful boy after his human had passed away very recently. They told me his name is Puds and he's around 5. After 24 hours we took him to the vets for his vaccinations and a healthcheck. At the appointment we realised his chip was registered to someone other than the person who had been looking after him. To be honest this happens, people don't update the chip data so I wasn't expecting to hear from anyone. However, a gentleman called this morning to say he'd been contacted by Petlog to say his cat, Simon, had been found. Simon had been missing for 5 years, he went missing when he was 6 months old!! So the wonderful Simon AKA Puds is going home at last, after 5 years. The gentleman was very emotional, he thought he'd never see Simon again. This just proves that chips really do work and that you should never give up. Fantastic result for both Simon and his owner.... xx

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