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International Day Of Happiness - Why We Love Volunteering At Cat Watch Wilts

International Day Of Happiness

Today is International Day Of Happiness so we asked our volunteers what makes them happy about helping here at Cat Watch Wilts….

Knowing that we can offer them the kindness that many have never known and that every gentle touch or softly spoken word makes a difference.

Seeing the cats flourish even after the worst circumstances and getting to see them thriving and being loved in their new homes

Helps with my mental health by feeling I am giving something back to little critters that need love and care.

Knowing that the small acts we do for them, make such a huge difference to their lives. I also feel like it is therapy for me, after a very tough few years, my Friday morning is my happy time and something I am doing for me.

Knowing that all the people who volunteer for Cat watch and the many other rescues around the country exist and that together, everyone doing whatever it is they can, and are making a real difference. That and seeing the sick poorly kitties when they come in and the big fat happy spoilt glossy kitties living it large in their forever homes in the after photos you are sent are the best' ....and they lived happily ever after... fairytale endings ever'

You all ROCK!

Knowing that Marnie isn't doing this alone, that our CW family support Marnie and each other plus all the good we do for each fur baby that comes our way.

I came to Salisbury knowing nobody except my partner and feeling bad about myself for having so many years of unfulfilling jobs behind me just to be able to pay my rent and bills. Then I discovered Cat Watch on Facebook. Now, I have some feline-crazy friends and can spend a few hours a week trying to help them give each rescued cat the love and care they deserve until their forever human comes for them. It's never enough, but every minute is worthwhile.

After 3 years of losing loved ones I hit rock bottom then I discovered cat watch and became a foster mummy this gives me a purpose to get up each morning and see those loving eyes just wanting cuddles and then when they meet their forever families and go off happy and contented. I can then do it all again.

These are amazing responses. I volunteer with my 2 13 year old daughters. We seem to be bombarded with bad news constantly, and the world can seem a scary place. We've always told them to look for the helpers, the people making a difference, and doing their best.

By volunteering, we are doing just that. We may not change the world, but we can make a difference. THEY can make a difference, with kindness, empathy and respect.

If it wasn't for you and cat watch, I wouldn't have my amazing furries Judd and Dottie, for that I am truly thankful 😻🥰

I’m thoroughly enjoying reading these statements, you’re all so amazing.

I adore fostering. I really do, but equally I’m so rubbish at it as I equally adore the 11 that have stayed since we started fostering (totalling 14 now!!) (including 2 of Tilly bear’s babies!!).

All aspects of it make me happy but the photos of our lovely kitties in their new homes looking so happy, really makes my heart burst.

Cats just make me happy 😻😻😻😻

Late in 2022 I lost my beautiful big Orange tabby Huxley, he was a huge presence in our house and greatly missed. I couldn’t bear the emptiness and decided to adopt another furbaby. (Hux was a rescue too). I came across Cat Watch on Google and the rest is history. I adopted the gorgeous Tilly Bear in Jan 2023 and am totally in love with her. Cat watch needed volunteers so in March last year I started doing shelter shifts on a Friday pm.

And from Marnie the founder....

Knowing I'll never get fat as they eat more of my dinner than I do x

We love our volunteers and supporter so very much.

Thank you for being you 💖

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