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Updated: Nov 9, 2023

Think carefully before you adopt. Can you really meet your responsibilities to the animal you are adopting?

People need to stop threatening to put animals to sleep just because they want them out ASAP.

Rescues are not a place for you to throw your pet away when you don't want it any more. They are taking above and beyond the number of animals they have ever taken before. This blackmailing of rescues has to stop.

They are caring for animals 24/7, they are answering the endless amounts of calls, messages and emails about animals needing to be gone……. yesterday. They are being hounded left right and centre and pressured to take more animals than they can really cope with. Because someone decided to take their cat to the vets to put them to sleep as they can't be bothered with that cat any more.

Rescuers didn't put a gun to your head and say you had to go and get that kitten that you promised to love and protect for the rest of their lives. We didn't ask you to pay the stupid amount you paid for kittens in lock down. We didn't say when you brought that kitten into your home that we would take that kitten when you went back to work or it grew older or you become bored with it. So why are we rescuers expected to find rescue places for so many more cats than we have ever had to before?

It’s your cat, YOUR responsibility not ours and if YOU chose to put your cat to sleep rather than wait until a rescue has space to take them then that is down to YOU. The blood is on YOUR hands. Stop blaming rescues.

Do you have any idea about the pressure on rescues at the moment? Do you know how exhausted they are? Do you know the impact of being told that if you don't take this cat they will be put to sleep is having on volunteers metal health and well being at the moment? Do you know the amount of tears we shed for those poor cats we never met and couldn't save? Do you have a clue how much rescuers feel like failures right now?

Do you know the crippling financial burdens and pressures rescues are under at the moment? Do you even realise that rescues are struggling to feed the animals they already have in their care? The crippling vets bills? The crippling fuel bills? The crippling insurance bills? As well as their own household bills?

Do you know that some rescuers are not even eating properly because they can't afford to or they are so physically or emotionally stressed with the extra pressures they are facing right now?

Do you know that some rescuers are thinking of packing up because they feel like they are not doing enough and nothing they do is good enough? Do you have a clue what that would mean for the rescue world?

Do you care that the rescue world is crumbling?

Do you know your call that day to take your cat is the 100th call already taken that day?

Do you really think that rescuers want to say no? They want to say yes with every ounce of their being but when they have too many to cope with.

Rescuers are helping to save animals 24/7 and they are trying their best so don't you dare tell a rescuer they are not doing enough!!!!

You are the selfish ones. You are the ones that bought or rescued your cute kittens and don't want them any more. You are the ones that didn't bother to neuter them or vaccinate them. You are the ones that didn't keep your promise to love and protect them their entire lives.

It was your choice and its your responsibility not rescuers. Take a good hard look at yourselves as you are the problem not us

To my fellow rescuers no matter what any one tells you, I am telling you that you are doing enough. You are doing the best you can and don't let any one tell you any differently. You are amazing, not many would be able to cope with what we see and do day in day out. Keep plodding on helping as many as you can when you can. That is good enough. Better to save some than none at all.

Please please take care of yourselves as without you animals can't be saved and they need you more than ever right now.

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