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The UK government has introduced a new law by June 2024 that requires all cats to be microchipped. This new law is intended to help reunite lost cats with their owners and reduce the number of cats entering shelters. As a cat rescue, we strongly recommend that all cat owners comply with the law and have their cats microchipped. Those who fail to comply may be fined up to £500. We are here to help you with any questions you have regarding the microchipping process.

Battersea Cats rehoming

Overlooked Cats

Introducing Super Smudgey.  Smudgey dislocated both his back legs 3 years ago and was not treated for it at the time.   There could be a possibility he could get arthritis  further down the years.  He is a wonderfuly affectionate and very loving.

Smudge loves being around people and enjoys being brushed. He does not like being on his own and would benefit from an owner who is mostly at home and/or another cat as a companion. 

Please get in touch if you can offer me my furever home 


Some Cute Cats Awaiting Adoption.........

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