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My heart is breaking. My soul is crushed. We have lost 4 furies in 14 days. One we knew was poorly, 3 were tiny babies. I feel smashed apart and broken. 💔 The emotions hurt far too much.

And yet tomorrow I'll get up and do it all over again. The passion we all feel at Cat Watch, the empathy and the drive to make the world a little better for even one cat, is palpable.

There are battles that can't be won but we keep fighting. I am fighting tonight to keep 7 kittens alive. And as long as they are not suffering I will carry on!

I do wish we had more volunteers, more help with the drive and passion I feel.

I hear, oh I'd love to help cats, I'm a massive animal lover' but noone comes. We so appreciate the cash and gifts but some hands on would be fantastic.

Please please help me save the babies and marvellous Maxi too. My brain is spinning with all we need to do. And I'll do it, I'm built for this shit, I have had years of practice. I adore the cats and I intend to help them until I'm taken over the rainbow bridge too. 🌈🌈🌈

If you can help even an hour a day please let me know. If you can't physically assist please donate just one pint, one coffee, one cigarettes worth of money each month.

You really cannot understand how much difference each £1 makes.

Saving one cat will not change the world but for that one cat the world will change forever.

Thank you. Please help xx

Cat Watch Rescue Shelter

Bank details are

Name - cat watch wilts

Sort code - 30-98-97

Acct number - 78858968

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