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Violet the Mobile Home Cat

This Sunday (16th May) we got a call from a resident in a mobile home park. They had called Cat Protection who said they couldn't help but had passed her my mobile number. She said she had cats living underneath her her home and that they were very noisy and were keeping her granddaughter awake at night.

So 2 of the volunteers took a trap up and climbed under the home to see what they could find. They found 2 approximately 7 week old kittens and caught them by hand. They then set the trap and put the kittens in the carrier next to the trap to call mummy. Within 30 minutes mummy had gone in the trap. We have called her Violet.

Violet is a lovely affectionate girl and is a brilliant mummy. Violet and bubs will be going to see Pete at Jaffa Health Centre for Cats this week for their health checks and first vaccinations.

It still amazes me how these stray cats can feed their kittens whilst letting themselves go so skinny, someone did love her at some point or should would be feral. Yet another story to show us how important neutering is....

Welcome to Cat Watch Pretty Violet with your babies, Crumpet and Muffin xxx

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