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This is what selfless LOVE looks like.

Its 2am and this kitten is failing. No one wanted her, her mother was never a pet and her kittens are struggling as a result of a hard outdoors feral life. But MARNIE BUCKLAND cares at CATWATCH RESCUE. Never mind being out all day to rescue two stud Bengals from being passed around by Back Yard Breeders, to make more 'pretty' kittens that we have enough of already. She dashed miles and spend a fortune in petrol to get them free of that life, to be neutered and socialised so they can be pets and live a happy life loved and cared for. She's not well herself, often in chronic pain with fibromyalgia and struggles every day with a loyal band of volunteers who rally around to help as many as we all can. But its HARD and it has to been paid for. One day out, means no boot fairs in one region to raise funds, costs we do not need, but will suck up anyway, to make two cats life better. So when she gets back and finds a baby is failing, after settling the others down, the feeds the clean ups, the messages, etc etc etc. She often forgets to feed herself and she settles to nurse this little soul. I couldn't do it, its hard enough observing and bringing all the news and updates to everyone. Who amongst us has the strength daily to do all this and manage a team of volunteers to care for 100 animals AND do a full days work in a job as well ? Not me that's for sure! We call her ‘Super Marn’ she hates it, she is just one person going above and beyond.….I certainly cannot walk a mile in her shoes! Sometimes angels walk amongst us, if we bother to notice their wings. Remember they may not always be ready with a smile for you and may get impatient, but a heart of gold beats in there and if you did this every single day with all your normal workload, would you be delightful and chippy all the time? I very much doubt it. Like many other 'helpers' I am physically distant from the shelter, it just happened that way, but I am grateful to be honest, it would be too painful to deal with it up close and personal and I'd spend so much of my time being so angry and so sad at what they see, even second hand its hard to observe. I cannot imagine the strength you'd need to do all this! So I am happy to help and shameless in encouraging you all to help too, because without people like this, the world would be a much worse place and many many cats and kittens, not least many of our own, would not now be enjoying loving homes and a pain free existence with full bellies. We cannot save the world, but we can help those that are trying! x George Mason, Bengal cat person, Fundraiser, Helper in anyway that benefits kitty kind! Supporter of CAT WATCH RESCUE SHELTER. _____________________________________________________________ WANT TO HELP? We are always happy to hear from anyone who can help, even of you are not on the doorstep, support, media, marketing, volunteering, all skills are needed and we accept assistance wherever we can get it, please visit the website x

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