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Picklerick Presents - A Week In The Life Of A Rescue Centre

A Week in the Life of a Cat Rescue! 🐈

And what a week it has been!

Volunteers up at the shelter have been adapting to the changing needs of two highly protective mamma cats, one of them terrified and very against humans. Both have become more feisty as they worry about their kits becoming mobile, so ways of working have changed to reflect this, giving them the extra space they need.

Another volunteer has been out to collect a frightened young cat (4 mths), rescued from under a log pile, where she was being terrorised by entire tom cats.

Yet another volunteer is working hard to humanely trap a feral mummy to bring her and her furry tinies to safety. When the kits are old enough, she will be spayed, chipped, vaccinated, and released back to her own territory if she's not a rehomeable pusscat.

Several people have worked together to enable two abandoned wild born kittens to be brought to shelter. This involved a 3 stage kitten relay, where the home owner brought them from a rural location to meet a volunteer in Salisbury. They were then transported to a village on the other side of Salisbury to meet their foster carer for the final leg of their journey in Southampton.

Yet another solo outdoors born, kitten has been brought from a very rural location to the shelter and then taken on to expert foster carers in Devizes. Who can finally, after weeks of hand feeding the 4 abandoned kittens, the fosterers cam sleep longer than 2 hours at a time ⏲️

Volunteers have been helping to socialise 5 of our youngest and most fragile residents. Poor mummy lost 3, the others seem to be thriving 🤞

Alongside it all, our 'NORMAL' work continues. Cats are being fed, loved, and cared for. Vet appointments are being booked for routine and medical appointments, and transport to these is being arranged. Foster carers are accommodating visits from potential adopters and arranging collections. Volunteers are attending fundraising events and running stalls.

And our dear blind feline mascot Picklerick has been demonstrating his singing skills! We don't know what he's singing, why, or to whom, but he is doing it.... I do wonder if he's singing to his friend Pigwit, who unfortunately crossed the rainbow 🌈 bridge this week too. RIP Pigwit, 🐈‍⬛ we miss you already 💔

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