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Cat Watch Funding xx

Updated: Nov 9, 2023

Cat Watch charity donations

Please please consider setting up a £1/£2/£5 monthly direct debit for the cats in care. Cat Watch has just a small group of the circa 5000 fb supporters doing this and it's money that we know is coming in each month that we don't have to beg for.

It'd be really good to build on this.

Imagine everyone giving £1 - even quarterly? £7500.. Mind blowing.

Its not something you'll ever need to feel tied in to - start and stop it as it suits you, on your online banking or directly with your bank .

Anybody who follows Cat Watch and the rescue will know what an INCREDIBLY important role Cat Watch Rescue plays - often taking cats that other rescues won't.. the elderly, sick or injured, the tom cats that need time and patience.. Cat Watch is often their one last hope.

Marnie is under massive physical and emotional strain and I don't doubt that some days she must feel like she can't continue but how could you ever stop knowing so many need help - and so many deserve chances they otherwise wouldn't get.

Please don't ever think your pound is not enough or wouldn't make a difference. It IS and it DOES. It makes ALL the difference. Every £1 adds up to being something incredible. and quite literally life changing.



Bank details are Name - cat watch wilts Sort code - 30-98-97 Acct number - 78858968

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