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Adventures Of Picklerick - what a week it’s been!!

Such a week!!

It’s been such a huge week for me this week.

On top of my normal duties of overseeing Mama Marnie and the volunteers to make sure all is running smoothly Im having to get the miles in for my fundraiser - 100 miles in March.


A bike turns up. But - get this - the bike doesn’t move anywhere. Instead all these humans turned up and started pedalling on it like mad things “we are helping you with your miles Picklerick”

Crazy bunch. So I had to make sure all that went smoothly. Phew!!

But I got lots of extra love and cuddles from them all. Cuddles are my favourite thing. And I got to rub a lot of legs - another favourite thing.

Wonder what this week coming will bring - who knows with this lot - but I can’t wait whatever it is 🤗🤗

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