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Adventures Of Picklerick - Return Of The Jedi

Hello, fans. Did you think I'd gone on another adventure? I haven't.

Mum was away for YEARS last week so I was extra busy running the place and making sure everyone did everything properly. They didn't but I'm not saying any more about that.

This week I've been loafing around my garden quite a lot. I've got a nice hairy mat and when my paws touch it, I know it's mine. The other day, that little Princess Scruff came up to my mat and hit me on the head. She definitely started it. And so did Jedi the other time but I did really good chasing. By the time we got up the garden I was tired so I went to sleep in a planter.

Picture is one Auntie Kaz took when I was kind enough to “scent” her phone for her 🖤🖤

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