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Adventures Of Picklerick - Paw Patrol

Today I am tired. I have been flopping around on my grass enjoying the sunshine. You see, I went on another little adventure yesterday. Do you remember my other one? What happened was this.

I had been patrolling my garden and I realised that something was wrong. That Cat was back. I hate That Cat. He stinks. Someone said it's his people's fault for not getting him that embarrassing operation at the vet's. But he stinks, anyway.

I know my friend Jedi won't let him in the house any more. I didn't know she knew all those words. But he was in my garden and I wasn't having it, so it was his fault I found the bit where he'd broken my fence.

I'm strong. I can't jump up because I can't see where to land but I can climb and I did and then I was somewhere else. My whiskers got all confused again and I had to wait YEARS before I heard mum and two of my aunties calling me so I could follow their voices home. I think they were pleased to see me, even if Mum did say I was naughty.

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