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A Fosterers Experience

Something I often hear as a fosterer: "I don't know how you do it, I would keep them all!", "It must be so sad when they leave". Whilst I would love to keep them all and yes it is sad when they leave, it is an incredibly rewarding experience. I have been privileged to have fostered kittens from a few weeks old, to older cats who just want a lap to curl up on. I help provide love to those that have been abandoned, those with health issues and, on occasion, those who have been handed in due to genuine circumstances such as their human having to go into hospice care. I have had everything from the playful and boisterous, to the shy and fearful. Cats that have not got on with other cats and cats that had lived on the street for many years. Cats of all shapes, sizes, colours and attitudes. Some with complex health and behaviour issues. Some who have been with me for a couple of days through to some who have been with me for months. And when they leave, there are tears but they are happy tears, knowing they are going to their forever home. I remember the name of every single one. So consider fostering if you can. You won't regret it. And for those who adopt, us fosterers love an update so we can see how our former charges are flourishing.

Picture description: Shaun, ginger and white kitten found wandering on the streets. Having a cuddle between running around like a loon....

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