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A Cat Watch Pledge to all our rescues xx

There’s no need to flinch when I lift my hand No need to cower each time I stand No need to run when I come near No need to tremble, I see your fear.

You can sleep with both eyes shut, Don’t need to jump when you wake up Your food is yours to eat in peace No need to fight to keep your feast.

You don’t need to lie upon hard floor The beds and the sofas are yours to explore Don’t need to sit out in the rain The house is your shelter it’s your new domain.

I cannot erase the memories and fears I cannot compensate for all the wasted years All I have is what you see But I give you it all and I give you me.

I give you these arms to comfort and hold I give you this voice for the joys you’ll be told I give you my heart and an abundance of love I give you my soul and I hope it’s enough.

And when its time for your forever home Through all these offers I promise I'll comb I'll find the perfect human for you And you'll know nothing but love until I do xx

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